05th March 2019
By DE-admin

Blackpool Magic Convention

This year I was invited for the eighth year to be the official photographer at the Blackpool Magic Convention. This annual convention is the biggest of it’s kind in the world,  a full three days jam packed with seminars, street performers, exhibition stalls and evening gala shows. In attended are over 3000 magicians from across the globe, with both stage and audience filled with famous faces from the industry.

I am sure it will be no surprise when I say this is probably the most entertaining job I cover. The evening gala performances are truly spectacular and each year the standards are pushed higher and higher. My job at the event is a massive task, I have to do justice to these great acts by capturing photographs that freeze the live action at the right moments and at the same time be extremely careful not to reveal any of the secrets. Over the years and with experience I have perfected reading a routine ahead of time, carefully listening to a piece of backing music can really assist with this. On top of these obvious challenges the lighting is constantly changing throughout the performances, this is where my skills as a professional event photographer are really tested as fast reactions and knowing how to use a camera inside out is vital. 

This year one of the highlights was a Q & A with Dynamo, I was lucky enough to have a front row seat and capture the moments the next generation of superstars were inspired. 

“ I was invited back for the eighth year in a row to be the official photographer at the world renowned Blackpool Magic Convention”


Again this year my client was extremely pleased with the photography I delivered and I am happy to say I have been booked for the convention in 2020.

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