02nd March 2019
By DE-admin

CEO Portraits – Sedgwick UK

I was contacted recently with a request for a portrait session with the Chief Executive Officer for Sedgwick UK, Stewart Steel. The photoshoot was to have a very tight deadline as the images were needed for an editorial piece for the Modern Insurance Magazine being printed in four days time. On top of that Stewart had very limited time left in his diary and then I was also told I was needed down at their London offices. It didn’t look doable at first especially with me being based up in Manchester but I had come highly recommended to them so they were prepared to find the smallest window of opportunity to make it happen. 

Two days later I found myself on a train at 6am and by 9am I was 18 floors high on Fenchurch Street with a tremendous city skyline for my sessions backdrop. I met with Stewart Steel and then he dropped a bomb shell and told me he doesn’t like his photograph being taken and has circulated the same photograph for the last 7 years. That being said our shoot went really well, the results had a nice contemporary look and the full set gave a perfect balance I knew would work excellent for the magazine feature. To my delight at the end of the shoot Stewart told me that he really enjoyed the session and I had managed to produce some great portrait for him, jokingly he then said I will see you in 7 years.

“It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to shoot some corporate portraits 18 floors up on London’s Fenchurch Street”


By 11.30am I was back on a train heading up North, the final images were edited promptly later that same day and delivered with time to spare. I received a very satisfying email in return simply saying thank you and Mission accomplished!