28th October 2021
By Dan Eden

Google Arts & Culture

This year I had the privilege of being asked to work alongside the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on a project for the Google Arts and Culture website and app. It is a huge platform that’s aim is to preserve and bring the world’s art and culture online so it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere.


It was actually a new direction for the platform which usually focusses on cataloging the likes of Museums, Galleries and sites of cultural significants. The purpose was to document 10 businesses within Manchester that show some of the local heritage and character of the great city. My images will then be used alongside text, voice recording and other archived attractions to give viewers a real insight into what makes Manchester, Manchester.


After receiving a list of businesses I had to organise to visit each with the brief of producing editorial style images that give you a flavour of what they do and are about. It was really nice to have a brief which gave me such free rein to do my own digging and find out what made these businesses unique and culturally relevant, then produce a set of quality photographs that show off those distinctive and intriguing attributes.

This was such a fun project to be involved in and it was really amazing to meet and learn more about these wonderful businesses. On top of that it is really great to browse on such a big online platform and see so many of my photographs splashed all over it.

“It’s really amazing to see so many of my photographs splashed all over this huge platform.”