04th December 2019
By Dan Eden

Education Photography

For the last few years I have been working with Oasis Academies to produce imagery for use on many of their academies websites and printed prospectuses. The following images are screenshots from a selection of the Academy websites.

Education photography is always a pleasure to be involved in, for one it’s really great spending time in schools and seeing what wonderful work our teachers are doing and two the children really make the day so entertaining.

Images like these can’t be produced by simply turning up and shooting what is seen, if I took this approach I would end up giving my clients only a fraction of the professional images they should be expecting from a days photoshoot. Instead I have an approach that gets the best out of every shoot and delivers to my education clients a vast selection of consistent, quality and engaging images that can be used as stock for many years.

It all starts with clear and helpful communication in the run up to the shoot date, I will ensure the academy knows what to expect on the day and give them as much information as possible to help them plan a schedule for the shoot and be well prepared for my arrival. This includes giving them advice on what types of resources and equipment to have readily available so we can produce visually eye-catching imagery and give us lots of variety.

By the day of the shoot the academy is fully prepared with parental consent already in place for the children being photographed. We will have a schedule ready for the day to make certain no subject or any of the academies unique features are missed out.

When photographing the children I am looking to ensure the uniforms are all very smart and that the children really look to be enjoying their time at school learning. Lots of smiles give the academy that friendly vibe they wish to portray to prospective students and focused faces on children looking engaged help fill the parents minds with confidence.

To get these results I often have to stage a scenario with an individual or group of children. I will then instruct them on what I am looking to achieve from the image and by doing this the children feel involved in the process and this helps to generate excellent photographs. I always find a way of throwing a little fun and humour in there with the children whilst photographing and this brings out natural smiles giving the images the more candid style that you can see in all of these image.

“It all starts with clear and helpful communication in the run up to the shoot date”