Corporate Events Photography

Corporate Events Photography Portfolio

I have photographed corporate events from day one of my business and with that gained a wealth of knowledge and skills needed to come away from each event with consistently great results. Covering everything from intimate round table discussions all the way up to three-day exhibitions and even campaign launches at the Houses of Parliament.

The art of corporate events photography is being able to capture the energy in the room, producing images that will showcase its success and making others wish they were there. Capturing the right facial expressions is key, endless budget can be thrown at an event but where the photography is concerned it’s not all about styling, it’s about making people look fully engaged in their interactions and showing them to really be enjoying themselves.

Being invited to cover an event I not only consider myself to be representing my own business but my clients too, my hope is that you can relax and be confident that I will go about my role in a friendly and professional manner and that you can get on with your duties knowing with confidence I will be on top of all the timings and am producing a set of images you will be very pleased with.