Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography Portfolio

Editorial Photography is something I have fallen into by being privileged enough to work with some really successful organisations and businesses that have grabbed the attention of business publications and industry magazines. From originally having some of my images featured from time to time I have then gone on to be commissioned directly from a number of publications to produce imagery on a more regular basis.

I pride myself on understanding what a designer is looking for and being able to produce a wide selection of eye-catching photographs in which is quite often a tight time frame.  Editorial photography comes with tight deadlines but with clear communication and a prompt post-production service, this is not an issue for me.

Editorial photography is something I really enjoy doing and I now have a great relationship with a number of publications, one of which being the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce magazine ’The Business’ which is distributed to over 5000 North West businesses. Working alongside their editor on each edition I produce images for all their key features including a high profile business leader for the front cover.